Friday, February 24, 2017

Fangirl? Are you sure? Are you Ready?! Can you handle it?

When I started fangirling FTISLAND, it was rather easy, getting updates from official accounts of their agency, and following their IG and twitter accounts and some fansites would already suffice. I mean, it was not as complicated as it was, but yeah at first I was overwhelmed with all the terminologies and all... But the most important thing is, I only have to prepare for their Japan Album, Korean Album (come backs), and concert goods. Their Korean albums - this is what counts when it comes to comebacks, awards and well - popularity in music shows. Korea, have daily music shows! When your bias group does not win a single trophy in these music shows, it is really very painful!! ='(

Sample Fansupport

Being a fan, you would have felt a mix of emotions! :D You'd be so happy, you'd feel betrayed when they do not win an award especially when they really deserve it. You would laugh, cry, and then you'd be in panic, you will turn to their agency and cuss at them for not giving them enough time to promote! =P Ha it can be really funny thinking about all these times, but yeah we all go through such a cycle every time they have a Korean comeback. Following other groups, I have also started feeling the need to get a hold of those fantaken photos, these fansites also releases photobooks, their very own version of goods whatsoever. Ah! it just doesn't stop there. The list where you have this inner battler on whether to buy or not is going to haunt you even in your dreams! :P 

First, Preparing for the official: 

A lot of things to consider to support them in comebacks: 

Streaming, Digital downloads - a lot of sites have this, and it matters most in Melon! During FTISLAND's Where's the truth comeback, We streamed and streamed for like 24 hours. I kept hearing Hongki's voice even when there's no music turned on already...(hahaha) but hey, just recently Melon said international streaming doesn't count.. like really?! a lot of international fans spent over $15 to subscribe to this and download MP3 to support their artist and then they say we don't count?!  

Music Shows and live voting - forms part a percentage of their score, so it matters if your fandom is actively supporting, and not only buying their albums (physical). You see, fandoms have this habit of counting all the trophies their idol has and of course this is such an honor for the fandom too, because it means they are great in numbers and is able to fully support their idol groups. There are also sites that do online voting, and it takes a lot of time and effort doing so. We even had 700 accounts used to vote daily for one site - so you see how it is when you decide to dedicate your time to this whole KPOP culture... (•‿•)

Physical album sales and everything else- oh yah, if you think saving up for that one album is hard enough, well think about other fans who buys like a lot! i mean, at least three, probably and would buy all versions of the same album! 

Then size does matter as well, since music shows and performance of an album also gets stats from social media, news articles, and youtube streaming. so if the fandom is of huge membership, then a lot of the members would be able to increase the youtube views in no time at all. Other groups' MV would reach 10M in no time, while others will find it hard to reach a million in a week! 
Credit:@Shineurlight428 for the sample Fansupport Promo Banner (Kim Sung Gyu Fansite)

Some things to help you get started on your account in melon (if you wish to do so): 

Melon Site: 
Registration, a lot of fandoms already have this so i created other tutorial that is not readily available. 

     Change your Profile Pic and Banner Photo

     Download DCF and Make a Playlist

    Melon Tutorial - How to use Melon (app) as Mp3 Player

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