Tuesday, February 21, 2017

FTISLAND: Coming! Out - Much more than a Reality Show

Rewind to 2015, The time FTISLAND released a reality Show called COMING Out! This probably shook FNC more than excites them. You know how FTISLAND is, All members here are just tackless. They say anything they want, they do whatever they can to diss each other and diss their company and even the CEO. :D This was a proof actually when Hongki went to Witch Hunt to guest because he was too pissed at what CEO Han said in an interview. 

Oh Well, But Primadonnas are really excited about this show and it was one great way for everyone to get to know these rockstar idols. I too was as excited as everyone. Afterall, we want to know how they are behind the scenes and this show holds no barred! Everyone was exposed, from Hongki's stubborness not attending their practices and getting too drunk, to Min Hwan and Jae Jin getting their body hairs stripped off. 

We also have to give credit to Jong Hoon here, who seemed too cold of a leader who actually prepared and went out of his way to cook dinner for his members only to come home to them too full as they've eaten chicken before heading home. 

This was really a must watch because We'd get to see them as how they are, what they feel when disappointed, what they do when they are not holding those instruments performing for fans. they even shared their fears and flaws. Oh, their fans loved them the same, if not more after this reality show - probably much to the surprise of FNC. hehehe

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