Tuesday, February 21, 2017

If you get into KPOP... You'll probably know most of them, if not all! =P

It is quite different now, Actually Years ago I have only my eyes and ears to FTISLAND. but really Kpop has a lot of talented people and when you get to know one you would actually find it hard to resist the others, Its just so that you will love one group more than the others (which is the case for me). 

Last Year, about this time, Feeling I want to view a video copy of the Love Letter song from INFINITE. I have been listening to it since their Reality Comeback as it was suggested to me by a Primadonna too, ha. I should have looked it up then. Too bad for me it was only in 2016 that I looked them up and just one Video of their Love Letter Performance and I am hooked. Love at First Sight! The World stood still. Everything is just about that little eyed guy  and me. I know him though but I have never looked at him that way. 

When he sang "You Don't Understand, you Don't love me..." My heart was screaming! I knew I love him so. :D And since then, I sort of shifted all my attention to the Infinite as a group and to the Leader, Gyu with all my heart. Stanning them took a lot of time, but it was not as hard as following FTISLAND because INFINITE had a lot of fansites, and sites that collected all their video shows, subbed or not. These boys are so wonderful you will fall in love with all of them and really smile everytime they smile, or be teary eyed with their sincere actions towards each other and to their FANS. 

Now, I am into IKON as well, after watching WIN, and Mix and Match and Mari and Me, these young hip hop group from YG is to watch out for, they are very young, but very talented as well. =) 

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