Tuesday, February 21, 2017

INFINITE: The Kings of Reality / Variety Shows

I am no expert in Music, in technicalities of it, and of whatsoever professional assessment there is when it comes to singing... I rely on my own feelings and wants whenever i have a song preference. So i won't be able to say the exact reason why I fell in love with Sung Gyu's voice. When I first tried to look him up, It was this performance (Time Spent Walking Through Memories) that Got me... I had listened to the whole performance closing my eyes and he was really good!!! I did not even expect that much from INFINITE (my bad) because I only listened to Love Letter, and it was a simple song (in my opinion). 

So After this song, I played the next and then the next in Youtube. and downloaded a copy for myself. =P then I watched the MVs of SungGyu's solo, then moved to Infinite's performances - I was really sorry for myself.. why did I only discover them now? Why did I not give them a chance when I saw Myung Soo in a drama before?! I was 6 years late! =( Oh well But this sure gave me a lot of materials to drown myself into over the next couple of weeks. 

It took a few episodes of Infinite Showtime, As I was having a hard time knowing all their names but I enjoyed it very much that I had a re-run of it after watching another Reality/Variety show of Infinite - Ranking King. And then, after that, I still want to see them more, so i watched Sesame Player - even if the video was of low quality, I just could not let it go. 

These boys are so fun to watch, they just look so close together, and watching them is such a great time to waste! haha Infinite is so funny, they are not boring, and they have wonderful personalities. 

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