Sunday, February 19, 2017

My First Ever KPOP Album... FTISLAND - I WILL

I happen to to start getting information about Lee Hong Ki, this Jeremy guy in the KDrama You're Beautiful around the same time they had a Korean Comeback. 

Comebacks are well, that is what they call when they release a new album. Regardless if they just released an album a month a go, or what, Comebacks are like supposed to feel, they "comeback" after a long time of hiatus but then, that is not the case for the KPOP industry. hehe It is a CB if they promote a new album, or a single in music shows. 

Right, so It was around March 2015 that the boys had a Comeback, or CB and after following a Hongki Biased group in the Philippines, I managed to order an album thinking, If this was not delivered then it would have been a great loss. I bought the CD for about 1000+ because it was a "limited edition" with photobook. 

Okay, so i bought the album thinking it is the first and the LAST one I will buy because I just want to support their first baby... (Yeah right!) I also thought the other releases or album types don't have a PB so I bought this one and well had my Poster tubed, coz I really do not want it folded. :D Below is the Limited Edition Poster (shot in Paris) 

So as I browse twitter, I got to see a group in the Philippines, well and learned a lot about KPOP from there. =) Most of us have become really close friends too (but this is yet another story). 

Nevertheless, only a few weeks after ordering the I WILL, I saw another post from a local FTISLAND FB Group, they are selling signed album for the same price, and It is well another version (the Studio Version) so I got myself one! It was explained to me that this one too actually has a photobook, only a different version and was shot in studio, unlike the limited that was shot in Paris. So yeah, I thought I could get Hongki's Signature so why not... 

But, I got Seung Hyun signed album, Thank God though that the FTI Group gave me a Hong Ki photocard. So Apparently, Korean Albums (for most idol groups) do have photocards in them in random, so if you bought it sealed, you have about 1 our x number of members chance to get your "bias". Bias is the member you liked the most in the group. =) 

FTISLAND I WILL Studio (Signed by SeungHyun) with Hongki Photocard
FTISLAND I WILL Limited version (Paris Photos) with JongHoon and SeungHyun Photocard

I WILL is FTISLAND's 5th Studio Album, with 11 Songs, all self composed.
Title Song: Pray
Released: 23 March, 2015

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