Saturday, February 18, 2017

Starting a collection of KPOP Goodies

When you get into KPOP, One of the challenges you will face is the number of collectibles and items both official and unofficial that you have to say NO or YES to. Believe me, you will probably say to yourself, you won't buy anything as they are quite expensive - but will end up buying one and then everything they release in no time! 

It was such for my case, though. I said I will only Buy One album and support their first ever full album that is 100% composed by FTISLAND but yeah, then comes the signed version, then another release... and so on. 

I will talk about the stuffs they have released and what I got so far and my dilemma and reasoning (to my self) for buying them. 

I am sure a lot of Fangirls there would be able to relate to some of my stories if not to all of them. Funny How I said I'd only buy one and that's it... but to date, see my FTISLAND tower... 

I still have yet to share the goodies I bought during these time, and all in a span of two years (to date). 

Heck, I don't even play these CDs or DVDs, but yeah, I got ém! 

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