Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fangirling is more than admiring your "IDOLS"

Fangirling is really more than following a group, it is more than buying albums, cds or photobooks or whatever merchandise there is... It is more than saving for a concert, in case they come to your country. It is more than meeting up, shouting, watching videos together, downloading and singing to their songs every time. Fangirling will teach you a lot of things, it is actually a way of life too. You plan for a comeback, you learn how to budget your money, your time and so on. 

If gives you a whole new experience, meeting new people that have the same interest as you, and getting to know them... being with them and sharing the same kind of passion when it comes to loving your bias group. 

As a Primadonna, I have become more giving, through charity projects. the more we share, I find it easier to give more. And all the more blessings come my way too. 

The First Project we were able to do as a Group is with Children's Joy foundation. We were able to donate a few bags, umbrellas, and school supplies to the kids and spent a nice time with them. Getting to know the kids and really chatting and talking with them, hoping that they will get these small gifts from us and be inspired and do the same when they grow up and be able to share themselves in the future. 

On the same year, we were also able to provide some special time with our dear Lolo and Lolas This project has put us on our feet though because we haven't got much funding for this, to be honest. Its just that, maybe God knows our hearts and he is always looking out for us. It is yet another successful charity event. And this one, moved our hearts - or at least mine. I have a mom who have had a lot of sacrifices because she worked hard for three of us siblings and seeing the grandma and grandpa left to the care of others, I really think how could children leave their parents just like this. ='( 

Whenever they see us, they would smile so lovingly and would never want to let go of our hands and would even be teary eyed - as if missing their family members and that they see their sons or daughters in us. 

Being friends with people from all walks of life, fan girls or not, students, employees... When people come together, We all can do great things, if we have one goal... all things are possible! 

Like what we always say - "Kaya natin to, Tayo pa ba?!" 

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