Saturday, March 11, 2017

Highlights of my Road to Oppas, este Kpop Idols

Okay Okay, So How did I get here, In the first place? :P 

I knew of Super Junior Before, I watch Korean Dramas, Download their OSTs if I happen to like the songs, but I never got into KPOP and never followed any Idol Groups... Well not until I watched You're Beautiful. This Korean Drama in 2012, I watched in 2015 when I was just bored! haha 

There was Jang Geun Seuk, Park Shin Hye... but that weird guy on the drums got me. He is not that handsome, he was just cute really - but because he is cute and funny, I searched him up as soon as I finished watching the KDrama. 

Lee HongKi - Yeah that was his name, not the second lead in this drama, but the third lead! hahaha Okay so He sure got me. It was theire Korean Comeback too during that time for Pray Era. Boy, was I surprised that he was in a Rock BAND!!! So Cool! Their name, was FTISLAND... uhmm not so catchy for an idol group but heck... He's cute and he's got one hell of a husky voice! 

So the song that I first watched by his group is I Confess - such a lovely song! Please take time to watch it here... FTISLAND - I CONFESS

I got recruited too, in an all Filipino FB Group, FTIPRI Philippines and so I came to know the FTISLAND as a group more, their members, their albums, and I found new friends too! 

* * * * * * * * 

Fast forward to 2016, Right, a Primadonna, referred to me a song called Love Letter by Infinite. I immediately love this song and had it on repeat for months with other songs I listen to. I was sad that I did not look them up sooner or I would have watched them live in their Philippine concert that year =(  Because I remember it was around March, I was waiting for something at the office and so I suddenly remember, right i haven't watched a video of the Love Letter Song... 

Deym! I watched it, first pan of the camera to Sung Gyu and I am in love! I was soooo hooked right then and there. Its like I have loved him all my life. hahaha :D 

If FTISLAND got me to start listening to KPOP, INFINITE got me drowned in Kpop world and that is for sure.  Here is the INFINITE - LOVE LETTER  video.

* * * * * * * *

Okay, So another year passed, I was just minding my own time - browsing through Twitter.. and it just so happened someone I was following Re-tweeted this short video of the Parody of Goblin. I thought it was from Infinite, I watched it without reading the caption... and then there was this super handsome guy. Wow! I was so lovestruck. hehe He is so handsome - and He happens to be Dong Woon, from Beast, Now Highlight. 

I followed his instagram, and yeah, i knew Beast as I have listed to their song, Clenching my Fist Tight. But after seeing this less than a minute video, I feel I need to get to know them more. I'm glad someone I know was also getting to know them because she saw Jun Hyung too. I got to watch their Showtime as Beast and well it is just the right timing since they will comeback, or debut as a new group called HIGHLIGHT now. I am so excited for this!!! They also separated from their former agency and formed a new one, Around Us. They have been releasing teasers and schedules since last week and their new album will be so great, I am sure. Look how wonderful this poster of a teaser is...

So there, I checked out some songs, I like their song Ribbon from last year's album too, but I am so into this old song of theirs, OASIS. Its so sweet and it has a wonderful meaning too. 

* * * * * *

Okay, so in between I also watched iKON, these babies are so talented. They composed a lot of beautiful songs. These boys, the youngest probably amongst those I stan are so precious. haha They have a good relationship with each other, they love their work and i sure love how they are in the reality show they have been in, you can see the wonderful personalities they have. 

Also, When they sang this song, Long Time No See, I just have to have a copy of that song, and found it in Apple Music. haha I purchased it in a blink of an eye - I was so quick because these boys deserved it. With how hard they work, they deserve all the wonderful things! 

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