Friday, March 17, 2017


Every Little Thing(s) will make you think. It will all start so great, You are happy, you are so high with all sorts of emotions, following your favorite group and with all the photos, videos, shows and previews - You are excited about their new releases, their activity... You prepare to support, buy their albums, merchandise when its concert time, calendars when its year end... even buy some fansite goods. 

Then there will be times when its all so quiet, your boys have no activities - they are preparing for something, or something will happen when you have time to think about all those that you did, all those you purchased in support and you will feel what have I done? Where did I get all these from? What was I thinking? How in the world have I managed to all these goods.. and yeah, the money all went in here. 

There'll be times you will think oh these makes me so happy, but there are times like you would regret buying them as you should have tried harder to resist and seeing others have them in twitter or facebook will also make you regret not getting them. So its really such a dilemma. Being a Fangirl is such a hard life to live.

Well anyways, A lot of things will happen when you start to really follow one group...

First, There's the time issue, When the group you support have a comeback, its like going to be a full 2 weeks(at least of busy schedule and its hard to keep up and be updated with all that is happening over there in South Korea. You need time to watch all the music shows, you need time to vote for them and hope for them to win, you need time to stream their Music Video and also Stream in Music Sites, You need time to save and compile all the photos and GIFs and Videos that you have, You need a lot of time to watch and finish all the shows they have guested in.  Yup - TIME is one of the most crucial requirement when you start fangirling. 

Second, When there are a lot of things to do, there are a lot of things to BUY! Yeah you read it right. There is the Physical Album, most of the time, there is at least least two versions. Limited Version, and the regular version. Or there is a version of Black and White, Truth or False, Sense or Sensibility. Those kind of stuffs.  As if physical albums aren't enough, you also need to support them in their digital charts, You have got to have at least two mobile phones, one to stream for Melon - the Music App where digital counts the most when it comes to music shows and awards. So for you to help them to win in shows, you also have to pay at least $14.99 for the 30 day streaming with 30 MP3 downloads.  Naver Gives out free 120 or 80 passes, so at least this is free. Genie has a 10 pass free too valid for 3 days.  

When you are into this kind of things. The kind of love you give, the kind of support you do... You probably did not know how capable we are all of giving such attention to a group, or to a person and give with all our heart. I am able to say these, coz I have done all these, streaming, voting, anticipating...

This, really is just my rant probably. I'm just feeling a bit doiwn the past few days because as I have said, Mah boys INFINITE brought me into another world... I thought it is going to be a never ending Bliss. But they are the ones who brought me Back to the REALITY. I even thought of giving it all up coz I love Sung Gyu So much it hurts. Then I got to know HIGHLIGHT and after a couple of days, my emotional state was pushed aside. I was told that, whatever happens, IT's STILL BEAUTIFUL. 

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