Sunday, March 12, 2017

King of Masked Singer: Dong Woon(Beast) and Hong Ki(FTIsland)

I just love to talk about my boys. Since I was new as a Beauty (Beast's Fandom) It is just nnow that I was getting to know them. Last night I saw that my Bias have sang in Masked Singer too! Oh this got me so excited. So here's their performances, and links to them in Youtube. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

Just about two years ago, as I was starting out as a Primadonna, my Bias Lee Hongki of FTISLAND appeared in the show too, he was really so wonderful in there, singing Addicted to Love. his husky voice was so unique some panelists knew it was him already. It was just sad that he got eliminated in the first round. But this was good exposure for him though, at least they will remember our FTISLAND vocalist with a such a powerful voice. 

The performance before he was eliminated: 
Lee Hong Ki - Addicted to Love, King of Masked Singer

Performance after he revealed himself:
Lee Hong Ki - After Breaking Up

* * * * * * * * 

As for my Bias in Beast (Highlight), I think Son Dong Woon got to the second round and was eliminated on his second performance battle. This is okay, though it was jut funny that his companions in the King of Masked Singer Panelists did not recognize him. (haha) He was one of them before and well they did not have a clue that it was actually him! 

The song was really wonderful, I liked it immediately and had it played way too much too, even as I write this blog entry. (◠‿◠)

Honestly, watching Beast's Music Videos, I kind of think Oh, my Woonieverse (this is what I call him by the way) only had one liners, or just aa bit or part in their songs... and his voice is not given that much attention (or maybe I was wrong?) But with the King of Masked Singer... Ohh his heavenly voice is beyond comparison. He's got such a wonderful voice and no doubt he got to step forward to another round. =) 

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