Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Light(s) of my Path to the (South) Korean POP Road

Concerts are all beautiful, Fun, and Wonderful!!! 

The stage set up, props, the back drops... the lights... All these make up an artist's concert. All these when combined will make the event even more memorable. In KPOP, there are stuffs called cheering goods. These are usually Lightsticks - with a very distinct and unique design that is especially made for that particular group. 

With the number of KPOP idol groups, even colors matter - like when you see the color yellow, You know its FTISLAND, BigBang, Pearl Metal Gold for INFINITE or CNBLUE for Blue Lights and so on.  

There are the standard Lightsticks, the kind of Lightstick that one fandom member must have so he / she will have some  thing to hold on to when its concert time and wave it as they sing the song. Then there are also special lightsticks only available and is only sold during an event or a concert. The designs of these are, well of course related to the concert or event concept. =) 

Our Fandom, Infnite has the Yeobong, this Lightstick does not have that strong color so when blended with other fandoms in a year end concert, our lights would not shine as bright as the others. But the design of this lighstick is really pretty. There is the Infinite Logo - in 3D! Its always earned one of the beautiful Lightsticks in KPOP to this day. 

have become a multi-fandom already. Its just that I support one more than the others. And well, I especially love to collect wonderful things and these lightsticks just amazes me. I love all the designs, and colors they have. and when light up all at the same time - they are really beautiful. :D 

Lightsticks do come in all forms, designs and sizes. I salute the companies and the designers of these. Its quite unique and some even have the design reflect the character of the idol group or their fandom name. 

As an iKonic, I also have the Konbat. Yah, it does look like a bat. Its colored in red with iKon's logo in it.It looks really bright though in darkness. Honestly, I do not know what YG was thinking when they created this But yeah, when holding on to it during the concert, its really easy on the hands.  

Winner's Lightstick is also nice, maybe because of its color - it is beautiful. But It is quite hard to open, takes a lot of patience to install batteries and it feels like it is going to break! 

Bigbang Crown is probably among the very popular Lightstick, You know that person holding that stick is a member of VIP right away - perhaps because BigBang is really popular not only in Korea, but all over the world. They have a Crown for a Lightstick - maybe to signify that they are indeed the kings. :D 

I was not yet a Beauty back then, So I was unable to get myself a Beauty (Rose) Lightstick. It is beautiful now that I think about it. I really should have gotten myself one when I had the chance as I was thinking even if I was not yet a fan. They do not sell it anymore now. =( 

Anyway, whatever the fandom color is, in the end... its still the same beautiful light ocean. Does not matter which design it is, when looked upon, its still the color that stands out and when held together, it is such a beautiful sight. 

Not My Pic, Credit to Owner

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