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Just want to share all I can - Links for streaming and for Downloads to all those who needs to catch up with the activities of HIGHLIGHT (Gu, Beast!). There are a lot to watch and be updated on so I hope at least International fans would have a single place to go to for this particular Era. 

Highlight's Debut/Comeback 1st Mini Album - Can You Feel IT

->> Highlight Comeback / Showcase VLIVE

Album Track List: 

1. 얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요 Plz Don't Be Sad    | Official MV | 1theK MV 
2. 아름답다 It's Still Beautiful    | Official MV | 1theK MV
3. 시작 The Beginning
4. 위험해 Danger
5. Can You Feel It?
6. 얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요 Plz Don't Be Sad (Inst)

Others: Can You Feel It | Official Youtube Album Medley

Buy the Physical Album! Support Highlight!!! =) 

Kpoptown - SENSE Version | SENSIBILITY Version
Yesasia -  SENSE Version | SENSIBILITY Version

Other Sites that Ships Internationally: Ktown4u | KpopPlus | KpopMart

Buy Digital!! Support Highlight!!! =) 
DL Links: iTunes | Melon | Naver Music | Genie 

Free Download -> Only if you purchased the Album, Please!!! 

Please Don't be Sad Music Videos (All Official Versions)
1. Official Version Released | MV Link
2. Comeback Cheer Guide | MV Link 
3. Dance Practice | MV Link
4. Performance Version | MV Link
5. Smile Version | MV Link
6. Mannequin Challenge by M2 | MV Link  👌

Behind the Scenes:
1. Can You Feel IT  Jacket Film Making- Official | Eng Subbed
2. First Week Broadcast - Official | Eng Subbed
3. Its Still Beautiful MV Film Making - Official | Eng Subbed
4. Plz Dont be sad MV Film Making - Official | Eng Subbed
5. 2nd Week Broadcast / Highlight First Place - Official | Eng Subbed
6. 3rd Week Broadcast / Goodbye Stage - Official | Eng Subbed

Member Focused Plz Don't Be Sad MVs:
1.  Doo Jun Version - 윤DAY
2.  Jun Hyung Version - 용DAY 
3.  Yoseob Version - 양DAY
4.  Gik Wang Version - 이DAY
5.  Dong Woon Version - 손DAY

* Subbed Videos are not mine 
Credit to Fellow Highlight Fan - Go to her Youtube Channel: Woonim for more Highlight (Beast Subbed Videos)

Music Shows Links Comeback Stages (March 23 - 26, 2017)
MCountdown Mini Fanmeet 
MCountdown | KBS Music Bank | Show Music Core | SBS Inkigayo
MCountdown Its Still Beautiful
M2 Fancam Version

Second Week Promotions (March 27 - April 2, 2017) 
KBS Music Bank | MBC Show Champion | SBS Inkigayo

Goodbye Stage (April 3-9, 2017)
MCountdown |  KBS Music Bank | MBC Show Champion | Show Music Core | SBS Inkigayo
MPD FanCam Version
Highlight Video Clip Wins 🏆
The Show March 28, 2017 1st Win - The Show
Show! Champion March 29, 2017 2nd Win - Announcement and Encore Stage 
MCountdown March 30, 2017 3rd Win - Announcement and Speech 
KBS Music Bank March 31, 2017 4th Win - Announcement and Encore Stage | Big Bow 
SBS Inkigayo April 2, 2017 5th Win - Announcement and Encore Stage
Show! Champion April 5, 6th 2017 - Win and Encore Stage
MCountdown April 6, 2017 7th Win - Mannequin Challenge Encore Promise
KBS Music Bank April 7, 2017 8th Win - Performance and Win

Music Show Backstage Clips:
Show Music Core 5 Minutes Delay Highlight Cut
Music Bank Interview Room - Official
Music Bank Beast Comeback as Highlight
Show Champion Behind Stage + Encore  - Subbed
Show Champion Missing HLight EP 42 - Official
Show Champion EP 42 - Official
Show Champion Ceremony Preview EP 42 - Official 
Show Champion Music Connection 
MBC Music Show Champion EP 43 - Official
Highlight is Called Beast - Show Champion
Victon (idol rookie) Meeting Highlight Backstage (vlive)

Guestings, Radio Show, Live Performances, Etc
MBC Highlight Interview - 1st Showcase 
MBC Highlight Answers Fans' Questions
CulTwo Show - Performance of Plz Dont be sad live
CulTwo Show Full English Subbed
Radio Live -  Performance of Plz Dont Be Sad Live
Radio Live - Junhyung is 50% of Highlight Cut (with Eng Subs)
Radio Live - Full not subbed : Subbed by HighlightVixx
KBS School Attack with Highlight (Highlight Visits a school - Mini Fanmeet)
1theK Ask in a Box Featuring Highlight - Highlight Answers Fan's Questions
Dingo Music: Highlight Sings Plz Dont Be Sad Cooking Live 

Fantastic Duo
Performance Previews 
Spring Breeze  - Performance with Lee Moon Sae 

MBC My Little Television
Highlight Playing Truth or Dare
DuJun's Immortal Matchstick
Highlight Playing DodgeBall
Highlight Spanks who Breaks the Game
Highlight Surprised at how Ration Works
Full My Little Television Episodes EP 92 (with Other Guests)
Full My Little Television Episodes EP 93 (with Other Guests)

MR REMOVED Performances
Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook - Its Still Beautiful
Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook - Plz Don't be Sad
Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook - Highlight

Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook Guesting
🔥 Lion Sleeps Tonight Cut - Funny!!!! 😂😂😂
Plz Dont Be Sad Performance
It's Still Beautiful Performance
Highlight Performance

Weekly Idol 
Beast Song 2x speed version cut
Plz Dont Be Sad 2x Speed Version
Aegyo cutest doodoo cut
JunHyung good to tease
Highlight Vs KNK
🔥Full Weekly Idol Episode 295 - Eng Subbed
🔥 Full Weekly Idol Episode 296 - Eng Subbed with KNK

Lee Gikwang - Not Subbed
Cooperation 7: Ongoing Episodes

Lee Gikwang and Son Dong Woon - Subbed
Celebrity Bromance: EP 1 | EP 2 | EP 3 | EP 4 | EP 5

Son Dong Woon - Not Subbed
Weekend in the Woods:  EP 1 | EP 2 | EP 3

Yang Yo Seob - Subbed
Fantastic Duo: EP 1 | EP 2 | EP 3 | EP 4

Yong Jun Hyung 
Around the World Travel Package : FB Live

Yoon Du Joon - Not Subbed
Raid the Convenient Store: Ongoing Episodes

Concert/ Appearances:
iDOL Con Video Invitation by Highlight for May 26-27
[#KCON17NY] Artist Reveal - HIGHLIGHT


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