Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fansite Slogans - Sung Gyu (Infinite) Collection

Infinite - Sung Kyu Fansite Slogans (2016)

I haven't even been to an Infinite Concert. But I got all these slogans of my bias and well, If I could, I would probably even collect more. Its just so addicting. Seeing the previews, collecting each copy and just well, staring at them kind of give you a different feeling too. =) 

These Photo slogans often come in a SET, sometimes Fans, Photobooks, or photocards, stickers. There are options to get full set which can be as high as Php4000. and There are also just Fans or Slogans that can be around Php 1000. I often get Fan + Slogan because the Fans are cute too! :D 

MTK or More than kyu set was fairly cheap. a number of people i follow bought this one and, the set comes with this cute photocard set of Gyu jumping around everland! So yeah Its a must have. 

Ah the Turningpoint Set (was for a Bday support, i think) and well i think I availed of this one because the fan that comes with this set was another of my favorite Sung Gyu pic taken when he was about to go inside MBC for the Weekly idol taping. Yep. He was stunning so.. again I just have to get that fan for myself. =P 

Douerky Set, I got this because this set was Gyu in Suit. hehe :D the Photobook was full of his photos in a formal Suit - yeah he looked really handsome in there. Plus!!!! The slogan was one of the few that have Gyu's latest pic as he was doing the Elvis (All Shook Up Musical). so.. why not?!  

Need I say more? I just have to get this one too coz Gyu was gonna throw a kiss in this phot, and its well, almost a full body slogan. =) 

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